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The 14 th Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Requirements

What You Need To Know and Do

KCA University shall confer degrees on the 2nd December of 2022. Only those students cleared to graduate by 7th November 2022 shall attend the commencement ceremony.

To appear in the Provisional Graduation List, ensure that you have completed your coursework, update your exam audit, settle any fee balances and successfully initiate clearance from your student portal.

If you are on the degree list but not cleared to graduate, pay KES 8,000 and clear with the billing office by 7th November 2022. If you choose not to graduate this year, contact the Registrar’s office to remove your name from the Graduation List by 7th November 2022.

Graduation Checklist
  • Complete Coursework
  • Exam Audit
  • Settle fee balances
  • Initiate Clearance
  • Pay Graduation Fees
  • Check Provisional List
  • Check your Arward on the List
  • Pick Graduation regalia
  • Attend Graduation
  • Return regalia
  • Pick Certificates

Transcripts and Certificates

Certificates will be available for collection from Monday, 5th December 2022. The following documents should be presented for certificate collection:

  • A duly signed copy of the certificate clearance form is available from the Student Finance office.
  • Copy of the gown return form
  • Original National ID/Passport/Military ID
  • Student ID (NB: Lost student ID’s attracts a penalty of Ksh. 600)

Note: Uncollected certificates and transcripts will accrue a storage charge of Ksh. 1000 per year (or any other rate determined by the University) effective Friday, 2nd June 2023.

Graduation Rehearsal

Graduation Regalia

Academic regalia is mandatory for degree candidates in the day of Rehearsals and during the Graduation ceremony. Your KCAU Student ID is required during the ordering and collection of your academic regalia.

  • Ensure that you have fully paid the Graduation Fees of KES 8,000 for you to pick your academic regalia. Different colour code shall be provided for different schools for both functions.
  • Pick your graduation regalia by 30th November 2022 from the Registrar's store at Block D of KCA University, Main Campus. You shall be responsible for taking care of the gown provided till well returned at the store
  • The graduation attire should be returned by Tuesday, 13th December 2022. Attire not returned by the deadline will attract a penalty of Kshs. 2,000 per day. There will be no exemptions for late returns.

Rehearsal Schedule

Thursday, 1st December 2022

Time Event
8:00 A.M Graduands Arrival and Registration
09:00 A.M All graduands are expected to be seated at the square
10:00 A.M Begin of Rehearsal at University graduation square, Main Campus-Ruaraka.
11:00 A.M Event will be updated soon
12:00 A.M Event will be updated soon

How to Wear a Graduation How to Wear a Graduation Gown


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