Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

The Vision of the University is to be an innovation driven globally competitive business
and technology university promoting integrity, diversity and teamwork

Our Mission

The Mission of the University is to be a creative business and technology university,
training employable and market driven graduates for sustainable economic development.

Our Values

  • Excellence – do it right the first time
  • Integrity – carry out our business with honesty and openness
  • Diversity – no discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, gender, social, economic or religious backgrounds
  • Innovation – seek new ways of creating, sharing and applying knowledge; and continuous learning and improvement
  • Commitment – committed to understanding and meeting the needs of our students, faculty, alumni and partners
  • Service to the Community – interact with the community and participate in the development and implementation of solutions to community opportunities and problems
  • Recognition and support of individual talents – support individuals to make their own contributions