Legal Services Department

Teresia Irura

Teresia Irura

Legal Services Officer


To provide quality Legal Servicesto KCA University.


To offer Legal Services that support KCAU to realize its vision, mission and Strategic Goals.


KCA University Legal Services Department’s core mandate is to deal with all legal issues and provide legal services and advice to KCAU stakeholders. The Department aims to ensure that KCA University complies with the law and that legal risks are mitigated and addressed through legal interventions.

Strategic Goals

Legal and reputational risk mitigation

  • General management of legal issues.
  • Management of the Eternal Counsel.
  • Legal guidance and advisory on risks and processes.

Streamline Internal processes to improve internal customer satisfaction through effective and efficient provision of legal services.

  • Respond to requests for opinions by internal customers.
  • Staff development and building of skills through internal training and external training with the support of relevant Departments.
  • Participation and legal support in the conduct of SAKU elections including: Swearing in the KCAU IEC, Adjudicating electoral disputes, and administering oath of office to newly elected SAKU officials.

Safeguarding University Assets

  • Safeguarding University Land
  • Liaise with Finance Department on payment of Land Rates and Rent
  • Safe-keeping of University Documents including Charter, Policies, Contracts, MoU through electronic and hard copy archiving
  • Filing of hard copies of all University policies.
  • Scanning University Policiess.
  • Update Seal Register

Promoting good governance

  • Attend Senate, UMB, Student and Staff Disciplinary meetings and advice on good governance practices.