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Work Study & Student Engagement Programmes

One of the main objectives of campus life wing is to ensure students have access to education through the provision of innovative student financial support opportunities

We have been able to achieve this through Work Study and Student Engagement programmes. The two programmes have supported both academic and professional students to complete their studies.

Under these programmes, an average of 30 students each trimester/semester get financial support to pay fees and upkeep.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Complete appropriate KCAU-WSP application procedures (the WSP Application form can be FILLED from the KCA University website).
  • Must have been a KCA University student for at least one Semester in which case documentary evidence of results of the said semester must be attached to the application form.
  • Must have passed during the last semester on session as provided for in the KCAU-WSP policyKCAU-WSP policy»
  •  Must have registered for the semester for which application has been made.
  • Must exhibit positive attitude to work and highlight relevant skills possessed.
  • Clearance note from the KCA University Registrar confirming he/she has never been involved in any disciplinary matter or has never appeared before the student disciplinary committee of the University for any Offence.
Work Study Program Terms and Conditions

Each applicant is expected to download a copy of the KCAU-WSP Policy from the University website so as to read terms and conditions of the program as this will be adhered to strictly. In light of this, we are glad to invite applications for the vacancies listed below.

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