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Refer a friend & earn for each friend that gets admission at KCA University for any of our programmes

Help us grow our alumni by referring your friends, family and co workers to become part of the KCAU family

How it Works

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    The verification process takes place following the closure of the intake, and payment of a friend's cash reward is disbursed one month after the intake concludes.

    What is a friend referral commission?

    The university will give out a commission to every student that refers a friend. If the person you refer registers and pays the fee, you are eligible to a referral commission of

    Refered Programme Commission
    Professional Courses Ksh. 1,000
    Certificate Courses Ksh. 1,000
    Diploma Courses Ksh. 2,000
    Degree Courses Ksh. 2,000
    Masters Courses Ksh. 2,000

    Additional rules for rewards:

    • The referrer must be a current student of KCA University
    • The referrer must accompany the new student at the time of admission or make the application on behalf of the new student
    • If two or more students refer the same person, only the first referrer will receive the commission
    • There is no cap on the number of referrals a student can make. All rewards will be paid accordingly
    • Referrers are still eligible for rewards even if a student joins at a later semester NB: The commission will be given out after the referred person joins and pays their fees

    Who can participate in the refer a friend program?

    All KCAU students are eligible to participate in the referral program except: Work study, student engagement and volunteer students working in the university