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While globalization has created more opportunities for our graduates, competition within the higher education sector has increasingly intensified. This means KCA University must compete, not only with universities in Kenya, but also internationally against highly rated and reputable institutions of higher learning. The government, society and other stakeholders in education are becoming increasingly interested in the quality of university education focusing majorly on the link between higher education and the labour market.


Prof. Renson Muchiri Mwangi

Director of Quality Assurance

Furthermore, internationalization of university education through research collaborations, scholarship, and faculty and student exchange programs has placed a premium on standards of quality. With these demands, the quality of university education becomes an important differentiating factor. KCA University aspires to provide accessible, current, and relevant education with an end product of students and graduates equipped with adequate knowledge, skills, ethos, and attitudes that are relevant and aligned to the demands of the global labour market. The Directorate of Quality Assurance (DQA) has the vital role of safeguarding and guaranteeing the standards and quality of the University’s educational provisions. Important to the attainment of this responsibility is the development of an effective internal quality assurance system. The quality assurance system is predicated upon cooperation between the University’s academic and administrative units. Much of the quality assurance work is performed by the departmental academic boards, School academic boards and postgraduate studies committees, and the Senate while the administrative units provide assistance and support such as management information system (ERP system), budgeting, and ensuring infrastructure and facilities meet required standards of quality. The quality assurance system is intended to promote quality throughout the University and to ensure that principles of quality assurances are embedded and sustained within and across all units of the University.


To apply best practices of quality assurance to enable the quality of education at KCA University to attain the highest international standards.


To apply best practices of quality assurance to enable the quality of education at KCA University to attain the highest international standards


The Directorate of Quality Assurance Office has the mandate of monitoring, evaluating, and improving the quality and standards of teaching, scholarship, research, student learning experience, and service to the community. The directorate further ensures that all internal quality assurance mechanisms are conducted in line with the provisions of, KCA University Charter and Statutes, The Universities Act of 2012, CUE’s Universities Regulations of 2014, and the principles and guidelines for quality assurance in Higher Education in East Africa as provided by the Inter-University Council of East Africa (IUCEA).

Strategic goals

To assure quality and standards of education at KCA University, the directorate aims to:

  • Develop a robust quality management system that makes it possible to monitor, evaluate, and enhance quality covering the full academic cycle from enrolment to graduation
  • Facilitate the University to attain required local and international accreditation.
  • Identify, adapt, or develop benchmarks of international best practice for use in research, scholarship, teaching, assessment, and learning.
  • Guarantee integrity and consistency of all awards issued in the name of the university.
  • Devise methods and develop instruments for obtaining feedback internally and externally on the quality of teaching and learning provision.
  • Monitor and advise on the performance of the quality management system and produce data and reports on performance, measuring it against set performance indicators.
  • Develop and maintain a tracking system of faculty cyclic course reviews and provide periodic reports on a regular basis.
  • Coordinate Commission for University (CUE) visits and manage feedback and follow up on implementation of reports generated from the regulator.
  • Identify and manage risks to the standard and integrity of the University’s academic programs, and the quality of student learning environment and climate
  • Provide a framework for quality assessment of teaching and learning, learning environment, and supporting equipment, facilities, and infrastructure.
  • Access, interpret and disseminate the requirements of the accrediting commissions on new degree proposals
  • Review curriculum change proposals for internal approvals.

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