Gown collection kicks off in readiness for 12th Commencement Ceremony

Collection of gowns for the Graduating Class 2020 commenced today in readiness for the university’s 12th graduation ceremony to be held on 20th November 2020.

A graduation is not just an end. It is a new beginning, the start of a new chapter in an individual’s academic life or an entry into the workforce. It serves as a transition point for the individual members of the graduating class who will follow diverse paths into futures.

Graduation helps students remember their academic accomplishment as well as helping them to look forward to the future.  Graduation, signifies to a student that they have worked for something, invested time in class and it paid off.

For us as KCA university, graduation is not just an event to give our students a piece of paper to prove that they have completed a program with us. It is a time to reflect the journey we have walked with individual students taking stalk of the values and aspirations we have inculcated in their lives. It is about creating meaningful impact that we expect our students to spread to the communities they will serve upon exiting KCA University.

This year’s graduation is unique in different ways.  COVID -19 pandemic has made it not possible for us to conduct the graduation ceremony in our usual fashion.  Ordinarily student, parents, guardians and friends would converge at the graduation square to celebrate the graduating class.

The faculty in their usual manner would typically join the Chancellors’ procession dressed in academic regalia as the mace bearer leads the way to square. Gowns and mace are key symbolic values that makes a graduation have meaning in academic circles. All these will not happen. Instead students will have donned their gowns to watch the proceeding of the event live from NTV and virtually across all KCA University Online platforms. KCA University supports and observe the Ministry of Health protocols and measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 among its students and staff.