Scholarships for higher education – KCA University’s 2ND VC & CEO Cycling Tour


KCA University (KCAU) is gearing up for the second edition of the VC & CEO cycling tour, set to take place from 29th May to 1st June 2024. The cycling tour is an annual charity drive to mobilise funds to support needy and deserving students to achieve quality higher education. This year’s route will cover a distance of about 830 kilometres, spanning Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu, Kisii and back. Beyond the breathtaking landscape of the western region and the thrill of cycling, this tour aims to raise KES 15 million.

The inaugural cycling tour held in 2023 saw Prof. Isaiah I.C Wakindiki, the VC & CEO of KCAU join a peloton of 13 professional cyclists to Meru and back, covering a distance of 517 kilometres. Proceeds from the inaugural cycling tour supported 11 students who received full scholarship opportunities. This impact is owed to support from sponsors such as MFI Document Solutions, Kenbright, Zakale Tours, Qwetu Student Residences, Miki Building Solutions, Hennessis Hotel, Long Rock Tours, Co-operative Bank of Kenya, Peak & Dale Solutions Ltd, Absa Bank, Sunflower Tents & Decor, Cyco Business Solutions Ltd, KRK Advocates LLP, The Karen Hospital, Tropical Heat, The Standard Group, Kenya Urban Roads Authority, Teke La Mwisho Fund and Good Ways General Contractors.

The cost of higher education in Kenya remains a significant hurdle for many bright and deserving students. A 2023 Commission for University Education (CUE) report shows that the average cost of pursuing a degree programme in Kenya ranges from KES 300,000 to KES 1 million, depending on the institution and programme selected. This cost implication forces students to defer and eventually abandon their academic dreams. 60% of the dropout rate from Kenyan Universities is directly attributed to a lack of tuition fees, a barrier that hinders individual progress and impacts the nation’s overall development by leaving a skilled workforce untapped.

These statistics highlight a need for resource mobilisation initiatives by institutions of higher learning, to provide financial support, motivation and life-changing opportunities to needy students while opening doors to a brighter future.

The success of this cycling tour is anchored on collective support from participants, sponsorships and direct contributions to the KCA University Foundation scholarship fund. The University invites organisations, corporates and individuals who share in the vision of empowering deserving students to join this noble cause through:

  • Joining the Ride: Put your skills to the test by being part of the ride
  • Sponsoring a Cyclist: Support a participating individual to take part in the cycling tour.
  • Direct Contribution: Make a direct financial contribution to the KCA University scholarship fund via:


The KCAU VC & CEO cycling tour calls us to bridge the financial gap that hinders access to quality higher education. Participation, either through physical attendance or sponsorship, champions access to education and ensures that financial limitations don’t stand in the way of the pursuit of higher education by needy but deserving students.

Details on physical participation, sponsorship opportunities, and cycling route details are on Let’s create a collective impact and unlock a student’s potential for a more prosperous future.