Varsity Kickstarts Learning and Design Labs In Conjunction With The British Council.

Varsity Kickstarts Learning and Design Labs In Conjunction With The British Council.

KCA University has received a KES 6 million grant from the British Council to help come up with innovative and human-centered solutions to tackle the growing challenge.

The varsity, in conjunction with the British Council, has commenced the inaugural Learning and Design Labs under the UK-Kenya University Partnerships initiative. The innovative initiative is under the Going Global Partnerships programme and brings together UK and Kenyan universities with industry partners from Kenya to address climate resilience challenges through collaborative solutions.

The 5-day programme is taking place at KCA University Main Campus in Ruaraka, Nairobi- Kenya and will provide a platform for 20 students from KCA University and Nottingham University Business School to co-create solutions to specific climate challenges posed by industry partners. Through interactive workshops and activities, participants will engage in hands-on learning experiences aimed at driving meaningful impact.

Speaking at the launch, Prof. Isaiah I.C. Wakindiki, Vice-Chancellor & CEO of KCA University, said, “Under this program, students from both institutions will collaborate to identify, develop, and implement practical solutions to real-world challenges related to climate change. Climate change presents a complex and urgent challenge that requires innovative and interdisciplinary approaches. Through this collaboration, students will have the opportunity to work together, leveraging their unique perspectives and expertise, to develop holistic solutions that address the multifaceted aspects of climate resilience.”

Other recipients of these inaugural grants include Rongo University (Kenya), Nottingham University Business School (UK), University of Portsmouth (UK), Strathmore University (Kenya), and Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine (UK).