VC & CEO’s Engagement with Postgraduate Students

VC and CEOs Engagement with Postgraduate Engagement Students

Prof. Isaiah Wakindiki had a productive hybrid engagement with more than 250 postgraduate students where they explored ways to enhance their academic well-being.
Kenya’s Ph.D. dropout rate stands at 50%, with a study by the Commission for Universities Education (CUE) showing that only 30% of students enrolled in postgraduate studies in Kenya complete their degrees within the stipulated timeframe. This low completion rate is attributed to financial constraints and insufficient mentorship and guidance.

Student-faculty relations play a crucial in the timely completion of studies, especially at the post-graduate level, which requires dedicated support in thesis and research work. KCA University has invested in quality and competent faculty, with 40% of the academic staff members being PhD holders in various areas of specialization. This ensures that all postgraduate students get adequate mentorship and guidance from competent and qualified scholars.
Through the Directorate of Research, Innovation and Outreach, KCA University connects postgraduate students with funding opportunities such as grants and fellowships to help relieve the financial burden (tuition fees, living expenses, and research costs) that comes with pursuing postgraduate studies. The Directorate also trains them on grant application skills and competencies.