Enterprise Risk Management Training

KCA University Internal Audit department is conducting a three-day Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) training for university managements team.
The training which is happening at Safari Park hotel was officially commissioned Vice Chancellor and CEO Prof. Isaiah I.C. Wakindiki.
The training aims to enable KCA University identify and manage key risks areas, make suitable governance decisions, improve industry competition, grow student enrollments numbers, improve its standing as a reputable institution of higher learning and become a financially sustaining university.
Benefits of Enterprise Risk Management

  • Improved risk awareness and preparedness
  • Enabling better decision-making and alignment to strategy
  • Enhanced legal and regulatory compliance
  • Increased efficiency and cost savings through streamlined processes
  • Effective governance
  • Enhanced reputation and credibility
  • Improved stakeholder management

At the end of the training, the university managers will have a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and be able to apply them on daily work.
They will also be equipped with the knowledge required to identify, assess, and manage risks associated with their roles, as well as the university.
Departments within the university will also be in a position to develop and implement risk management strategies and plans to mitigate risks, monitor and review risk management processes.
Lastly is the recognition the importance of communication and collaboration as key ingredient in risk management. This will improve risk management culture at the university.