Memories from the Graduating Class of 2020

November is traditionally a time when many universities in Kenya mark their annual commencement ceremonies. However, the current COVID-19 pandemic has put many of these ceremonies in jeopardy.

With precautionary measures still in force around the country, the celebratory events have been limited and many ceremonies have been brought to an abrupt halt.

To our Graduating Class of 2020, it was hard to process the crisis going from causing all online classes initially, to now possibly not being able to walk the stage and receive their degree.

Now as the date of the commencement is fast approaching, students and their loved ones will have to contend with the reality of virtual commencement as a perfect alternative to the usual physical ceremony.  Here are testimonials from some our students as they prepare for the virtual 12th Commencement ceremony.

I joined KCA University in 2016 as a small town girl. I did not know people, but right from the first day I knew this was the best place to be. I found a place I called home for the past four years.  I so much appreciate the effort from the lecturers, staff and my classmates. Learning was smooth until COVID-19 happened. I felt I will miss great moments at KCA University. I missed physical learning, the interactions we had with our lectures and fellow students. I had had to retire back to my village unsure whether I will finish my program as I was just a semester to completion. KCA University came to my rescue by introducing online classes. Initially it was challenging but here we are today, graduating. I will really miss the good moments I have enjoyed at KCA University. Thank you KCA University for inspiring hope in me.

Anastacia Benard
Bachelor of Commerce Accounting

I joined KCA in September 2016. I really wanted a school that offers business courses. So when the KUCCPS placed me here, I knew I will live to achieve my dream. I appreciate every bit of the lectures. Our lecturers were understanding and were willing to assist us in any way. The Centre for Career Placement and planning (CCPP) assisted us to make informed career choices. My world turned dark in March 2020 when Covid-19 struck and all learning institutions were closed. I traveled home not sure of whether I will graduate. I want to thank KCA University for introducing Remote Engagement. The first classes were challenging but we encouraged one another to embrace the online classes. I appreciate the library for introducing us to e-library where we were able to access e-books from the comforts of our phones and laptops. KCA University also provided us with internet data bundles to facilitate our learning during the pandemic period. I thank KCA University for making me achieve my lifelong dream of graduating.

Frankline Ben Ochieng
Bachelor of Commerce Accounting Option

I joined KCA University because I have advanced in age and I wanted a place where my academic journey will not be interrupted by factors such as strikes that we experience in most public universities. So KCA University which is a private university was the best option. I visited the Welcome Centre and after a briefing about the International Business Management (IBM) program, I enrolled. I remember fondly interactive classes and the flexibility of studying in different campuses. When COVID-19 hit, I was worried of what would come out of the situation. However, KCA University introduced Remote Engagement which inspired hope in me. I have made so many friends because I found a friendly and warm environment at KCA University.

Purity Kariuki
Bachelor of Intenational Business Management